Travel & Hospitality Industry

The current digital age has significantly changed the way we plan travel. Customers are seeking streamlined experiences and all-in-one trip-planning resources. The travel and hospitality industry relies on custom-built solutions to provide a user-friendly, automated, self-service experience for their customers.

At JWH Global, we create custom-made software applications, using our knowledge of current technology and extensive experience, to help travel and hospitality businesses achieve their goals and increase their profits.

Some major challenges faced by the travel and hospitality industry include:
  • Keeping up with consistently evolving needs and desires of tourists.
  • An expanding rate of taxation and its influence on international travel.
  • Staying innovative to compete with other businesses in the industry.
  • Decreasing expenses and increasing profits.


With our knowledge of the travel and hospitality industry and technology expertise, we have developed efficient software solutions for our clients to streamline travel-booking services, improve customer experience, utilize guest analytics, and effectively advertise and connect with their audience.

  • Travel Portal and Booking Software Development

    Our software and design specialists can custom create web and mobile applications featuring online reservation portals, price comparison tools, and single-platform services to book everything from flights to hotels to car rentals.
  • Customer-Relationship Management Software

    The rising trend of travel aggregators and the increasingly well-informed expectations of travelers makes it even more essential to establish a relationship with your customers. Our CRM software solutions will help you conduct campaigns, offer royalty programs, provide tailor-made travel packages, and use data insights to customize user experiences.
  • QA and Testing Services

    To provide a high-quality customer experience, it is imperative to build apps that are compatible across various devices and platforms and with the latest technology. We provide end-to-end testing for travel and hospitality applications to prevent bugs and ensure a streamlined, user-friendly customer experience.

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