Media & Entertainment Industry

The worldwide media and entertainment industry has been experiencing a digital transformation. The development of new advancements and cell phones has altered the way content is created, transported, managed, and distributed. The way content is consumed has changed drastically because of its accessibility at your fingertips.

We at JWH Global offer custom software development services to modernize companies with the most-recent technologies, provide up-to-date content over numerous channels, bring down expenses, streamline the media arranging process, track consumer practices, and create new income streams.

Some of the major challenges faced by the media and entertainment industry include:
  • Keeping up with the current revenue streams, reducing costs, and increasing flexibility
  • Leveraging the evolving content distribution channels
  • Redesigning heterogeneous legacy IT systems
  • Reducing time-to-market
  • Consistently increasing consumers’ expectations

Our Services

With our experience in software development and IT solutions, we have created numerous software solutions for companies in the media and entertainment industry, which allow them to boost performance of operations, open new channels, revolutionize user experience, and increase audience engagement.

  • Digital Signage Software

    Digital signage software lets media companies create, schedule, and distribute information via digital multimedia signs for advertising or entertainment purposes. The moving images, graphics, and dynamic messages displayed on LED screens convey information in a way that is interesting, up-to-date, and relevant.
  • Mobile App Development

    Our media and entertainment mobile app solutions are customized to your organization’s needs, with innovative and exciting features that allow you to stay connected with your targeted audience, such as audio and video streaming, in-app purchases, push notifications, and social media integration.
  • Web Design

    It is imperative for media and entertainment websites to be aesthetically appealing and technologically innovative. Our team of experts at JWH Global use our design expertise and knowledge of current technologies to build custom interactive website designs for our clients in media and entertainment that can be accessed across all platforms.
  • Big Data Analytics

    With thousands of users consuming media digitally, companies in the media and entertainment industry can effectively increase engagement using their big data assets. Big data analytic solutions can help our clients create content based on their users’ interests, optimize content distributed based on user activity, and properly target ads.

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