Oil & Gas, Mining Industry

Oil and Gas and Mining industry are the core industries over the worldwide with key significance that impacts every single other side of the economy.

To help beat the above difficulties, we at JWH Worldwide help associations create modified software arrangements

This increases the value of downstream and in addition administration level transaction. Our administration level applications rearrange, streamline and mechanize management, field work, resource, obtainment, and selling and circulation process. While, our downstream applications empowers better information predicting, exact choice capacities and gear observing, control and ideal usage.


At JWH Global, with our skill in foremost IT advances and domain insight, we have offered custom-made software answers that helped our customers with computerized processes, better control, enhanced decision choosing, expanded adaptability, upgraded association execution and lessened cost. We have created custom-made software applications in various techs and furthermore broadened the same on cloud and mobile.

Here are the highlights of our projects done for Oil & Gas companies:

  • An exceedingly perceptive PC application that acknowledges Oil Well bore information from the sensors and produces a 3D chart for simpler analysis in this manner keeping away from different dangers.
  • Finish software solution for Gravel Pack reproduction and development utilizing industry‚Äôs most exceptional Gravel Pack designing and information examination techniques.

Here are the highlights of our projects done for Mining companies:

  • Combination with various sort of gadgets, sensor and/or framework which gets data on raw material digging, manufacturing, machines and hardware that incorporates manufacturing, accessibility, usage and details on status
  • Screen gear execution and early discovery of hardware inability to keep any disturbance to manufacture
  • Operate share of gear, administrators, trucks and excavator
  • Predicting work of gear and additionally administrators found on crucial manufacture parameters, for example, machine use, machine downtime and explanation behind downtime
  • Track individuals activities in mines, guide trips with various voyaging modes and enable client to produce travel tickets
  • Handle gigantic process data and guarantee data compression and security
  • Operate, plan, reschedule, and track works, time and expenses
  • Finish estimate management including bringing in citation from outer data source, citation endorsement work plan, draft of written estimate sheets and design of framework parameters


When you invest in managed IT services, through outsourcing to a third party, you know that your IT management is being maintained by committed experts. This gives your IT support staff more time to focus on other projects, saving time and lowering operating expenses.