In the manufacturing industry, it is becoming increasingly crucial to deliver high-quality products in a timely fashion. Improving your manufacturing company’s performance starts with gaining insights from your operations using advanced technologies to make data-driven decisions, automate manufacturing processes, and increase productivity.

At JWH Global, our team of experts provide customized software development and IT solutions for manufacturing companies to increase efficiency, effectively manage production, and reduce operational costs.

Some common challenges faced by manufacturing companies include:
  • The skilled labor gap.
  • Using machine intelligence.
  • Trade war effects.
  • Maintaining supply chain visibility.


At JWH Global, we help streamline our clients’ manufacturing processes and production components with custom CRM and ERP systems. We also build customized applications for industrial automation, inventory management, and efficient production planning.

  • Production Planning and Reporting Solutions

    Production planning and reporting solutions help our clients in the manufacturing industry efficiently transform their production operations, scheduling, and capacity planning.
  • Customer Behavior Analytics

    We help manufacturing companies improve their customer services by developing applications to identify the way their customers interact with their products so that they can provide a more-personalized experience.
  • Order and Inventory Management Software

    We help you streamline your order process and keep your inventory organized by developing efficient order and inventory management software solutions customized for your needs.
  • Predictive Maintenance

    Predictive analytics applications use machine data to diagnose, predict, and avoid failures on your manufacturing equipment before they begin, reducing downtime and increasing profits.

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