Retail Industry

Businesses in the retail industry must constantly focus on boosting profits by increasing their customer base, increasing what customers spend, determining their margins, and then increasing those margins. In today’s digital climate, retail companies are facing challenges regarding fast-evolving technologies, everchanging customer expectations, and the monopolization of the market by large online marketplaces.

In order to survive, retail businesses must provide a shopping experience that is engaging, customized, and innovative.

Some of the current major challenges faced by the retail industry are:
  • Staying current with quickly changing market trends.
  • Satisfying rapidly changing client interests.
  • Growing competition from large e-commerce marketplaces.
  • A shift in buyer behavior, with a focus on searching for the lowest prices.

Our Services

JWH Global can help combat these challenges with our professional software development and IT solutions. With our extensive experience and skill in various technologies, we can conceptualize and develop customized software solutions for our clients in the retail industry to enhance profits, increase customer reach and engagement, use data-analytics-led insights to increase sales, and thrive in the increasingly competitive online shopping platform.

  • E-commerce Platform Development

    Our experienced developers can build efficient and customized e-commerce retail software for a variety of retail businesses to provide their customers with a user-friendly online shopping experience. Platform features include user-account management, product databases, smart payment solutions, checkout optimization, sleek web design, and reporting tools.
  • Retail CRM Solutions

    CRM software can be used effectively in the retail industry to organize comprehensive customer data to increase sales by using the data to create loyalty campaigns, develop promotions and plan sales, implement marketing best practices, and personalize customer service.
  • Retail Mobile Application Development

    Having a mobile application for your customers to browse and shop your business from the convenience of their handheld device is essential. Our expert mobile application developers can create a user-friendly app for users to browse your inventory and make purchases.

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