Software Development for Healthcare Industry

Health care is one of the most critical industries in the world, and it has been growing rapidly over the last decade. In today’s digital world, the health care industry must seek solutions to balance numerous processes, meet strict regulations and requirements, and satisfy patient demands.

JWH Global can help your health care organization by providing custom software development and IT services that streamline processes, decrease expenses, and provide user-friendly experiences.

Some of the major challenges faced by health care providers include:
  • Meeting regulatory standards
  • Providing high-quality health care
  • Meeting expanding costs
  • Managing the workforce
  • Overseeing operational and IT risks
  • Maintaining data confidentiality

OUR Services

Information technology plays an integral role in providing high-quality patient care, managing inventory, storing billing data, and offering interactive patient portals. Our JWH expert specialists have extensive experience efficiently developing various types of health care software for our clients at competitive costs.

  • Administrative Software

    At JWH Global, we can development customized software solutions for hospitals, health care offices, and assisted living facilities that optimize workflows for physicians, nurses, and other health care staff. Streamline administrative tasks with modules to manage patient records, store billing information, and manage inventory of supplies, medical equipment, and medications.
  • Health-Tracking Applications

    Health-tracking applications are effective tools for remote patient care, preventative care, and overall wellness. Using comprehensive data analytics, these applications can provide detailed information about blood sugar, blood pressure, cardiac activity, fitness, sleep, and ovulation as well as give medication reminders.
  • Patient Portals

    We build comprehensive patient portals to easily connect patients with their care providers so that they can access their health records, view lab results, read helpful health care information, and schedule appointments easily from their mobile phone or any web-connected device.
  • Telemedicine Software Development

    We develop end-to-end telemedicine software so that providers can provide virtual treatment and connect with patients using video calling or instant messaging.


When you invest in managed IT services, through outsourcing to a third party, you know that your IT management is being maintained by committed experts. This gives your IT support staff more time to focus on other projects, saving time and lowering operating expenses.